Game Super Goin Up

Super Goin Up

Super Goin Up

Super Goin Up is adventure game and action game. After thousands of years of deep sleep in a deep abyss, a demon awoke. Your task is to help the demon climb up from the bottom of the abyss and destroy its obstacles in order to earn bonuses. You can then use the bonus to upgrade the power

How to play Super Goin Up

  • On the computer use   to play
  • On the smartphone, touch to play


  • Loved it 210 Votes
  • Really liked it 17 Votes
  • Liked it 11 Votes
  • Didn't like it 10 Votes
  • Hated it 37 Votes
Aggregate: 4,2 285

Game Super Goin Up played 45.922 times.

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