Game Squirrels vs Zombie

Squirrels vs Zombie

Squirrels vs Zombie

Squirrels vs. Zombies is game online with the content surrounds the fight of the Squirrels to against the attack of aggressive Zombies. In this game you will have to help the Squirrels a hand by the arrangement of the ambush to stop the hordes of zombies approached the residence of the Squirrels. Use the crop and the  reasonable seed  will help you have a row of strong cyclical monitoring before the attack of the zombies.

How go play Squirrels vs Zombie

  •  On the computer use  to play.
  •  On the smartphone touch and   rotate screen to play.

Images in Squirrels vs Zombie


Lay out the battle to stop the zombie flood.


Do not allow them to close the whereabouts of child.


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