Game Space Prison Escape

Space Prison Escape

Space Prison Escape

Space Prison Escape - 2-person adventure game is very interesting and interesting on GameVui. The plot revolves around two brothers who were captured and imprisoned in a cosmological prison, and your mission is to help them overcome challenges, and the enemy forces find ways to escape from the detention, freeing those others safely.

How to play Space Prison Escape:

  • On the computer use to play.
  • On the smartphone, touch to play.

How to play Space Prison Escape:

Chơi game Thoát khỏi nhà tù tại GameVui

Choose level to conquer you.

Giúp 2 anh em thoát khỏi nhà tù

To complete the challenge, you need to collect all the required gems to open the exit door. Note that the sister character can jump 2 times, the brother can throw and smash the box. Take advantage of this point to help them complete your Level.


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