Game Ninja Jump Force

Ninja Jump Force

Ninja Jump Force

Do you want to become a real ninja? Play game and try. The purpose of this game is to run away from the enemies that are pursuing you while dodging obstacles and defeating the enemies. You will be chased by enemy vehicles and if they get too close you're in for a serious ass whooping. And remember to keep an eye open for approaching enemies. Watch out for the traps of enemies.

How to play Ninja Jump Force

  • On the computer use  to play
  • On the smartphone, touch  and  rotate your device to play


  • Loved it 1.155 Votes
  • Really liked it 102 Votes
  • Liked it 48 Votes
  • Didn't like it 41 Votes
  • Hated it 441 Votes
Aggregate: 3,8 1.787

Game Ninja Jump Force played 33.783 times.

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