Monkey GO Happy 4

Monkey GO Happy 4

Monkey GO Happy 4 is a funny and attractive game. Monkey Go Happy 4 game is back with a fourth installment! In this game, the monkey's family has more 2 members but they are still very sad. By solve puzzles, shoot stuff and more, help make our monkeys happy. 

How to play game Monkey GO Happy 4

Use the left mouse  to create a serie of action.

Watch the following video for instruction!

Images in Monkey GO Happy 4!

Chú khỉ buồn 3
Stages in the game!

Chú khỉ buồn 3
Your goal is make the monkey's family happy!.


  • Loved it 2.471 Votes
  • Really liked it 159 Votes
  • Liked it 81 Votes
  • Didn't like it 46 Votes
  • Hated it 262 Votes
Aggregate: 4,5 3.019

Game Monkey GO Happy 4 played 308.876 times.

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