Metal Slug

Metal Slug

Many gamers have known and passionate game Rambo. If you are also one of the "big players", this game is very suitable to you. With images and sounds, you'll completely fall into a world full of danger. Try to rescue as many hostages as possible because they can give you the intense fighting. Let's start fighting!

If you feel that the key don't suitable, you can change by clicking button 3 in the first menu. By default the keys are as follows:

:  Control characters
: shoot
: jump
: throwing grenades


  • Loved it 6.141 Votes
  • Really liked it 876 Votes
  • Liked it 440 Votes
  • Didn't like it 223 Votes
  • Hated it 1.222 Votes
Aggregate: 4,2 8.902

Game Metal Slug played 320.312 times.

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