Gunny mini

Gunny mini
Gunny mini is the shooting game and is preferred by many gamers. If you are a fan of the Gunny game, you ce don't miss Gunny mini -  this game has  elements of  factors tactical units fired power, angle shot ... . Great point of Gunny mini don't need to install on your computer and can play absolutely free online !

How to play Gunny mini

  • Click on the arrow at the edge of the screen to view the location of the other opponent.
  • : Move
  •  :  Align corner shoting
  • : Align shot capacity 
  • : Select the support items

Images in Gunny mini

Game Gunny mini
Place should be monitored in the game.


Game Gunny mini

Game Gunny mini


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Game Gunny mini played 168.150 times.

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