Game Giant Dino Run

Giant Dino Run

Giant Dino Run

Giant Dino Run - Continue the series of adventure games in the style of running Subway Surfers with very cute cartoon characters on GameVui. In the game Dinosaurs play this Subway Surfers, players control and move the dinosaurs of this Flinstone family by pressing 4 arrow keys

How to play Giant Dino Run:

  • On the computer use to play.
  • On the smartphone, touch to play.

How to play Giant Dino Run:

Game Khủng long chạy Subway Surfers tại GameVui

Help the Flinstone dinosaur collect lots of bones and biscuits.

Shop cửa hàng trong game Khủng long Subway Surfers

Use the number of bones you can pick up to buy other items.


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