Epic Battle Fantasy 4

Epic Battle Fantasy 4

In this previous installments, three young adventurers killed the ancient demon, saved the world and became living legends. Afterwards, they acrossed towns and pillaged for a living. They saved the world from certain destructions, so it may be argued that they earned the right to get away with everything. This behavior quickly made them have many enemies.

One day, a sacre jewel was just stolen from the village of Greenwood. Local legend says that terrible things will happen if this jewel falls into the wrong hands. Anna, a young ranger and a resident of Greenwood, was very upset by this news. Anna quickly prepares to chase down the infamous trio who were spotted nearby, and who she suspects might have taken the jewel... Join the game to feel yourself!

 Use  or keyboard to control characters - interact in the game.

(Game is very heavy, please wait!)


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Game Epic Battle Fantasy 4 played 268.850 times.

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