Game Cute Kitty Care

Cute Kitty Care

Cute Kitty Care

Cute Kitty Care - Kitty kittens are very cute and adorable, but when they're naughty and dirty, you'll have to take care of them carefully and carefully. In this kitten game, participating players need to do things like bathing them, taking care of wounds, feeding cats, playing and dressing Kitty's cat.

How to play Cute Kitty Care:

  • On the computer use to play.
  • On the smartphone, touch to play.

How to play Cute Kitty Care:

Chơi game Chăm sóc mèo con tại GameVui

To start, choose one of three Kitty cats to take care of.

Tắm rửa cho mèo con Kitty

Choose jobs like bathing, brushing, treating wounds ... for Kitty cats

Cho mèo con Kitty ăn

Let them eat and drink

Hóa trang, thay trang phục cho mèo con

Choose the outfit, dress up your kitty cat.


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Game Cute Kitty Care played 158.629 times.

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