Game Bullet Fury

Bullet Fury

Bullet Fury

How to play Bullet Fury:

  • On the computer use to play.
  • On the smartphone, touch to play.

How to play Bullet Fury:

chọn chế độ chiến đấu Dễ, Vừa hoặc Khó trong game Xin lỗi anh chỉ là sát thủ

To get started, choose 1 of 3 modes Easy, Normal or Difficult. Depending on the mode of the game, the number and level of enemy troops will be more difficult.

Chiến đấu với nhân vật Sát thủ của GameVui

To play the game Shooting this Y8 is easy, press L to lock the cursor. The main screen of the gunman Assassin will show the amount of blood, the number of enemies and the amount of ammunition of the gun. Please try to move through all the secret rooms, try to avoid enemy attacks.


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