Game Blaster Squad

Blaster Squad

Blaster Squad

How to play game Blaster Squad:

  • On the computer, use to play game. to move
  • On smartphone, touch on the screen to play.

How to play game Blaster Squad:

To start the game, you have to choose the main warrior and allies support. There are 10 characters, and no warrior and teammate. To move in the table, you can use the mouse, 4 arrow keys or ASWD on the keyboard. Warriors and comrades fight by themselves, teammates move randomly and do not lose blood if hit by enemy ammunition, while your main combatant will lose blood as usual.

Warriors and teammates will have two levels of upgrades:

  • Upgrading level 1 to level 2 costs 10 gold coins.
  • Upgrading level 2 to the maximum level will cost 200 gold coins.

Gold, coins will fall out when you kill the virus or eat items in the table.

To help in combat, keep an eye on the energy in the upper left corner of the screen. When filled, there will be a lightning bolt icon and you will be able to use special attacks. Stand with your teammates to activate this special ability.

There will be all 6 items to help you increase your power as shown in the picture.

  • Full of energy: full 100% of energy to use special moves.
  • Gold coins: there will appear a lot of coins, gold coins on the map. You quickly collect all before they lost.
  • Bloodshed: fill your warrior with blood.
  • Fast Shooter: Speed up the shot.
  • Threat Armor: Creates a protective shield for warriors. Will disappear if you hit or hit the virus.
  • Shoot 3 bullets: Your warrior will fire 3 bullets instead of the original.


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