Game Ben 10 DNA Decode

Ben 10 DNA Decode

Ben 10 DNA Decode

Ben 10 DNA Decode - Strategy game, action around the cartoon character boy Ben 10 transforms with super abilities of aliens very interesting and attractive on GameVui. In this game Ben 10 upgrade, the kids face a rather strange situation, some of Ben 10's DNA codes are suddenly disturbed, players need to rearrange them, solve the problem and help Ben 10 Perform the necessary upgrades to increase your power.

How to play Ben 10 DNA Decode:

  • On the computer use to play.
  • On the smartphone, touch to play.

How to play Ben 10 DNA Decode:

Sửa lỗi DNA của Ben 10

At this screen, you choose the right Ben 10 model and move to the green column on the right, the Ben 10 patterns have the wrong DNA to the red column on the left.

giúp Ben 10 sửa lỗi DNA

Choose the correct sample frame to help Ben 10 fix the error.

Ben 10 nâng cấp và chiến đấu

Help Ben 10 fight and defeat your enemy.


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