Game Alien Catcher

Alien Catcher

Alien Catcher

Alien Catcher is adventure game and action game. Alien creatures have invaded the earth with a conspiracy to take over. You also detachment this team to stop their malice

How to play Alien Catcher

  • Player 1 use to move, to shoot
  • Player 2 use to move, to throw/pickup box, to shoot

Screenshots in game Alien Catcher

Hướng dẫn
Chọn cấp độ
Bắt tất cả alien



  • Loved it 586 Votes
  • Really liked it 23 Votes
  • Liked it 11 Votes
  • Didn't like it 5 Votes
  • Hated it 48 Votes
Aggregate: 4,6 673

Game Alien Catcher played 89.511 times.

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