Age of War 3

Age of War 3

Age of War 3 is a game which combines two factors: strategy and defense! Your goal is to destroy the base of enemy and protect your base. You can build the tower to defend and build the barrack to counterattack the enemy. You can develope your army by building the barrack and upgrade properties of the barrack to fight better. 

The barrack: you will create your army yourself, you only can build the maximum of 6 barracks behind the basis. Therefore, select kinds of soldiers smartly.

Turrets: support your army to defense and prevent the invasion of enemy.

How to play game Age of War 3:

Use  (left mouse) to build the barrack, upgrade and use the special attack. 

 Images in Game Age of War 3!

Cuộc chiến xuyên thế kỷ 3

The main interface of game

Giao Cuộc chiến xuyên thế kỷ 3 

Upgrade the barrack to increase the power of army.

Cuộc chiến xuyên thế kỷ 3

Build turrets in battlefield to support the defence.

You can  watch  video for intructions here!



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