Age of War 2

Age of War 2

Age of War 2 is the excellent game which combines between defense and strategy game. You have to destroy the enemy base in order to protect your citadel. You can build turrets to protect your citadel and  military as well as to attack your enemies. (Note: This game is very heavy)

You can take power your military as well as unlock functions, new armies and other defense facilities to become stronger in Age of War 2

 You can see images of the battlefield, military (unit), turret, special and upgrade on the screen.

Some elements in Age of War 2 game


You can create new units right here. Move your mouse over the icon to see the unit's short description and statistics below. Initially, some units will be locked, so you need to read the description to know how to unlock them.


Move your mouse over the icon to see the turret's short description and statistics below. It is essential that though a turret has less damage, the next attack period may be faster.

When building a turret, you only need an empty location on your tower. You are able to build up to 4 towers. You can sell a turret to build a new better tower. You can follow this simple manipulation: click on the turret which you want to sell and click on the tower which you want to build.


This section allows you to: Launch a special attack or developing attack. In case you use too much special attack, you can waste your time on "evolutionary" race and you can be overwhelmed by your enemy army.


Upgrading is very important. You can upgrade units to become stronger. You need to spend your money reasonably for upgrading.

Watch this video to know how to play this game !


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